Sunday, November 7, 2010

Soju Kai Seattle

Soju Kai Seattle (Kumiko Negishi-Lawrence and Ken Lawrence) is planning its next lecture/demonstration on Japanese traditional theater "Noh". We are featuring the play "Atsumori"(敦盛) which was taken from the Japanese saga Heike Monogatari "The Tale of the Heike"

Soju Kai (which literally means ‘group of the twin trees’) was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1975 by Yoshio and Yukie Negishi. The group originally focused on Noh, the traditional masked dance drama of Japan. Since inheriting the title, Kumiko Negishi-Lawrence and Kenneth E. Lawrence now present traditional and traditionally-based performances and lecture/demonstrations focusing on noh as well as storytelling forms from throughout East, Southeast and South Asia.

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