Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nakamura Akikazu - Shakuhachi

This CD is part of Nakamura's excellent series `The World of Zen Music'. As of today there are five CDs in the series: `Koku', `Reibo', `Sanya', `Daibosatsu' and `Nezasa Ha Kinpu Ryu'. These CDs present the shakuhachi repertoire of different parts of Japan (Kyoto, Tohoku, Hokuriku, Kyushu, and Tsugaru, respectively). The CD `Sanya' was awarded the distinguished Prize for Excellence by the Japanese Government Agency for Cultural Affairs, and each CD in this important series is a treasure.

Anyone who has traveled extensively in Japan has experienced the diversity of the food, the landscape and local flavor in this (relatively) small country. Through his travels, his research and his incredible playing technique, Nakamura has been able to share the remarkable variety in its traditional music for bamboo flute.

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