Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Atsumori - sumi painting on display

'Atsumori's Final Moments', part of Kumiko's series of noh-inspired sumi paintings, is currently on display at East Shore Gallery in Bellevue.

Puget Sound Sumi Artists 
 "September Song" @ East Shore Gallery (9/16-11/11)

We are preparing several books, a series of seventeen noh plays translated into English and featuring Kumiko's sumi paintings. The book on "Atsumori" is part of that project. They should be ready in early 2013!!

 We did a staged reading performance of "Atsumori" in February 2011 in Bellevue, Washington. To read more about the story, please see the link below.
Noh play "Atsumori"

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