Sunday, May 26, 2013

Himalayan Singing Bowl certified

There is a shimmering, like leaves on a tree when it sways in the breeze. Our minds perceive and simplify. We’ve seen it before, many times. It is a tree. They are leaves. The wind is blowing. But we do not, perhaps cannot, perceive the whole: The tree, that particular tree, is not the same as it was yesterday. Our experiences in the last twenty-four hours have changed our way of perceiving. We feel we’re standing in the exact same spot, but that spot, our posture, the slight change of light has altered our perception. The tree, the leaves, the self, change imperceptibly with each moment.

It is the same with sound.
I am now a certified practitioner of Himalayan singing bowl healing. My instructor, Suren Shrestha, showed me an effective treatment to release stress and muscle tension or to cure insomnia and migraine headaches. Gently strike an inverted large bowl while it rests on your head. In the west we would call the sound produced a ‘drone’, a sustained sound or repeated note, but the actual sound is extremely complex, like sunlight reflected off a lake, an infinity of shifting angles. The mind struggles to analyze the patterns, is overwhelmed, shuts down. The mind’s surrender is relaxation. 
Suren Shrestha :

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