Friday, April 10, 2015

"Mist" - Performance at Sakuracon 2015.

Projekt’s multimedia piece “Mist” was presented at Sakuracon 2015.

n 2015 Soju Projekt once again took part in Sakuracon. In 2014 I lectured on Noh, and I’m always pleased at the interest in traditional Asian theatre, the well thought-out questions and the enthusiasm shown for our performances. We presented at SakuraCon 2015 on the theme ‘Traditional Asian Music and Theatre in Anime.’ The performance, entitled ‘Mist,’ featured a live performance of gamelan music from Indonesia, music from Japan and the Himalayas, projections of the neo-traditional sumi paintings of Kumiko Lawrence, masks, costumes and video clips. 
Sakuracon is always such an odd experience. There’s just something about lecturing to and performing for an audience of robots, dwarves and Sailor Moon. But this year again they were attentive and asked excellent questions. I particularly enjoyed composing ‘Mist’ for a mixed ensemble of gamelan, taiko drum, electronics and narration. Kumiko’s sumi-paintings were a nice addition, and Kaz’s interactive computer projections were amazing!
Kenneth E. Lawrence’s libretto was inspired by noh theatre and the works of author Gene Wolfe. “Mist” was a collaboration with Golden Heron Gamelan, sumi painter Kumiko Lawrence, visual creator Kaz, taiko drummer Stan Shikuma and electronic musician Kaley Eaton.

Looking forward to 2016!

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