Sunday, March 1, 2015

Noh - Hawai’i Public Radio Interview : Kenneth E Lawrence


While on Maui, Soju Projekt's Kenneth E. Lawrence was a featured guest on Hawai'i Public Radio's 'The Conversation.' The ten minute interview was a preview of our presentation that evening at the Maui Culture Center.

After asking about my background and how i originally got involved in Noh theater, we discussed the tradition of Noh, its history and keeping the tradition alive. We also discussed 'Kiyotsune,' the featured play of the evening, and its author, Zeami Motokiyo, the genius of Noh. Then we talked about Soju Projekt's work in the schools, and about our visiting Noh performers, Munenori and Fumiyuki Takeda, how pleased they were to see the interest and excitement the kids expressed about Noh theater. Many other topics were discussed, including Noh's influence, modernization, and the costumes, stories, masks and techniques used in Noh. 

I was impressed by host Chris Vandercook's interviewing style. He is very disarming, and his questions are very well thought out. I am grateful to him and to HPR for their kind assistance in helping us share traditional Japanese performing arts in Hawai'i.
Link to the show:  Hawai’i Public Radio Interview : Kenneth E Lawrence

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